Looking to make the most from an investment property? Quality management can bring you peace of mind and ensure your investment performs at its peak..

An investment property is a valuable asset and should be managed accordingly. At Kelly's Real Estate, we look after your property as if it were our own..

Our skilled Property Management team, led by Laurel Franks, is resourced to give every property the attention it deserves, whether it is a unit, executive home or commercial property, and with many years of working together our team are highly organised, efficient and pride themselves on good communication.

We work hard to take the worry out of ownership and ensure your investment property will always perform at its peak. For further information please feel free to contact Laurel Franks on 0447 440 467, alternatively email us for a property management information pack.

Tenant Selection

To ensure you gain the best possible tenants our rigorous selection process fully investigates the rental history, past and current employment, financial and identification details of all applicants..


Prior to a tenant moving in we thoroughly inspect your property and provide a detailed report of its condition. Further inspections are then conducted up to four times a year. An inspection report, including photographic records, advises you of the state of your property, how well the tenant is maintaining it and what repairs are required. We can also arrange annual building and pest inspections on your behalf.


Tenants are requested to pay by direct debit or directly to our office and we have a "No Arrears" policy. Through our management software we gain immediate notification of overdue amounts and act quickly to ensure payment. In the event that your tenant does fall into arrears we make phone calls and send SMS messages, send arrears letters and issue Terminations if required (arrears Terminations are issued when the tenant falls 14 days in arrears).


Disputes with tenants are uncommon and are generally expediently resolved by our Property Management team. Should a satisfactory result not be gained through negotiation, the Property Manager will apply for a NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal hearing, at which we are able to prepare a case to represent the Landlord's interests and follow up by attending on your behalf.

Maximising Returns

Maximising the returns of your investment is one Kelly's Real Estate priorities. We regularly assess the rental return of properties taking into consideration factors including market conditions and the quality of the tenants. We also provide advice regarding potential improvements to your property and keep you regularly updated with what is happening in the Real Estate market..